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The only ladder with Solid Stop™ that gives your dog confidence and stability. Barnacle free design for years of swimming enjoyment

Made in Savannah, Georgia, USA  - selling to happy dogs and happy owners everywhere!!

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Our ladders can be installed on floating docks, swimming pools, piers and seawalls.  Have a boat?  Give us a call to discuss!!

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Price: $299.00 plus shipping

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Price: $499.00 plus shipping

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Price: $699.00 plus shipping

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Our Ladders ship inside the continental USA only:
Doggie Ladder Shipping Flat rate $150.00 Fedex Shipping.

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New products for our 2 legged customers

PaddleRaK Compact Low Profile SUP Storage Rack

Compact Tandem SUP PaddleRAK Boat Dock Storage Rack

Compact Deluxe PaddleRAK SUP Overhead Storage Rack

$255.00 plus applicable tax & shipping

$565.00 plus applicable tax & shipping

$295.00 plus applicable tax & shipping

The Low Profile Compact PaddleRaK SUP Storage Rack unit is designed to handle applications where space is limited and overhead clearance is at a minimum. The Low Profile SUP aluminum supports have been designed to protrude just twelve inches, this allows for storage of your SUP/Paddle Board in confined areas such as a dock finger or adjacent swim platform. The Low Profile unit comes complete with felt anti-abrasion pads to protect the surface of your SUP. The adjustable support arms make removal and storage of your Paddle Board a simple operation. The Low Profile Compact PaddleRaK unit securely holds your SUP while in storage, eliminating abrasion and surface damage. All mounting hardware is Stainless Steel. Our Low Profile unit can be installed using hand tools. The Low Profile Compact PaddleRaK unit is rated to support up to fifty pounds.  The Compact Tandem SUP PaddleRaK Dock Storage Rack was created for those whose dock space is limited, or one where overhead roof supports are less than eight (8') feet in height. If you are tired of tripping over your SUP which is stored in a position inhibiting movement on your dock, consider installing the Compact Tandem SUP PaddleRaK Dock Storage Rack. This rack is designed to clamp on to your existing 2"X 2", 2'X 3", 3"X 3" or 4"X 4" roof support uprights. No drilling is required with our special designed clamping system. Simple hand tools can be used to mount our SUP PaddleRaK support brackets. Our racks will support up to seventy pounds of total SUP weight. With removable support stakes, loading/unloading your SUP from the PaddleRak rack is not only easy, it eliminates the risky business of wrestling a bulky, cumbersome SUP to the water. The rope and pulley lifting mechanism provides one person the ability to raise or lower your SUP safely without exerting a significant physical effort. Keep your SUP in good condition by eliminating surface damage caused by the sliding of your personal watercraft on textured or rough decking. Featuring racks with a protective Paddle Board anti-abrasion feature. Your SUP is supported on felt pads while in storage, eliminating abrasion due to normal movement of floating docks or wind gusts. All racks are constructed with aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. Note: stainless steel pulleys are available as an option.    For those applications with dock ceiling heights of eight feet (8') or more, the Compact Deluxe PaddleRak SUP overhead dock rack can accommodate the storage of your SUP out of the way from normal dock walkway traffic. The swing away stabilizing arm feature makes loading and/or the removal of your SUP/Paddle Board from our rack......a simple and quick operation. Keep your SUP/Paddle Board secure and free of abrasion damage with our overhead Compact Deluxe PaddleRak unit. The system features a felt protective material at all contact points to eliminate abrasive action caused by normal boat dock movement. Overhead lifting sling design contains anti-slip capabilities which holds your Paddle Board securely in place during the raising and lowering operation. One person can raise and lower a Paddle Board without assistance. All standard hardware is stainless steel with the exception of our pulley assembly. Note: (stainless steel pulleys are available at additional cost.) Maximum load rating is fifty pounds.  Note: Additional overhead roof support bracing requirements (if necessary) will be billed and shipped separately. Contact us with your dock's specifications before placing an order.   

PaddleRaK/KayakRaK, is a boat dock storage rack designed for water sports enthusiasts who appreciate the convenience and security that the PaddleRaK/KayakRaK products will provide. Eliminate the clutter on your boat dock or pier while reducing the likelihood of damage or theft of your Kayak or SUP. PaddleRaK/KayakRaK boat dock racks provide a convenient means to raise or lower your SUP or Kayak while eliminating the heavy lifting. The PaddleRaK/KayakRaK boat dock rack allows one person the ability to access/store their SUP or Kayak in a safe and secure manner. PaddleRaK/KayakRaK boat dock racks are fabricated in the USA

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